Wasserbettbezug Premium Comfort Silver-Line ION-Protection – Gultas pārvalks 200 x 200 cm

Produkta kods: 67366462
EAN kods: 1001628
EAN kods: 4250777810982
  • Kokvilnas auduma gultas pārvalks ar sudraba joniem
  • Izmērs : 200 x 200 cm
  • Antibakteriāla aizsardzība pret baktērijām
  • Dobu šķiedru pildījums : 600 g/m2
  • Silver-Line ION-aizsardzība : 300 g / m 2
  • Sānu malas ar vatējumu
  • Materiāls : 40% kokvilna, 40% poliamīds, 20% poliesters
  • Noņemams pārvalks , mazgājams 60 ° C temperatūrā
  • Bez oriģinālā preces iepakojuma!


In the Silver-Line ION Protection water bed cover, a traditional quality cotton fabric is provided with high-quality Italian silver ions, which give the water bed cover its special antimicrobial properties. In a study by the Fraunhofer Institute (carried out by Dr. Kerstin Hund-Rinke (IME), Dr. Frank Marscheider-Weidemann (ISI) and Mike Kemper (ISI)) it is described: “Due to its bactericidal properties, silver is already used in numerous products It is used in everyday life as well as in medicine and is becoming increasingly important. Products can contain silver in dissolved, colloidal or nanoparticulate form, with the silver particles in turn being in free or bound form. ”
So that you can also use these medically proven antibacterial benefits at home, we recommend the water bed cover equipped with silver ions.
The special structure and material composition of the Silver-Line Ion Protection water bed cover offers comprehensive protection against bacteria and mites and eliminates micro-organisms.
The special silver fibers, in which an additive has been integrated, which in contact with moisture, releases small amounts of active oxygen through metal ion catalysis, represents a process that corresponds to the principle of oxygen disinfection.
The upper part is filled with a special, particularly breathable hollow fiber and has a weight of 1085 g / m2. This makes this water bed cover particularly comfortable and creates the best sleeping comfort.
The side border offers high quality quilting for extra stability.
The high-quality cotton on the underside of the cover prevents friction noises on the water core.
To ensure the best possible fit, your waterbed is completely enclosed with this cover.
The top plates can therefore be removed with a zip and can be washed in a standard washing machine at 60 ° C.


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