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EAN kods: 1000587

The SQDO is a High Security protector designed to protect the Euro-profile cylinder and the door lock against the effects. It is the ideal complement to prevent attacks against drilling, extraction, milling, leverage . The SQDO is a set consisting basically of a BASE PLATE and a NUCLEUS SHIELD.

Made of solid steel of great thickness in order to confer a very high degree of robustness and protection. Its special block anchorage with a counter-plate through the lock and door, all connected by two M6 logs in cemented steel, allows the entire assembly to be secured.

Totally in solid carbonitrided steel, with strategic inlays of steel balls to prevent the advance of the bits and milling. Rotating shield. This allows us a millimeter adjustment with the Europerfil cylinder. Block anchorage, with a counter-plate through a lock and door all connected by two M6 logs and / or two screws between DIN, M6 axes. All screws are in cemented steel.

Easy installation in housing doors. It can be installed on doors where the cylinder has a flight not exceeding 14mm.

High compatibility taking advantage of a large part of the market locks. Recommended for all types of wooden doors.

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