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MagiBook by VTech is an interactive magicbook starter pack green book platform but also an interactive and scalable system for learning while having fun!

How does MagiBook work?

MagiBook is made up of a reader (platform) and books. By positioning the book on the MagiBook platform, it is recognized. The interactive pen responds to every time your child touches a playbook illustration – it’s a fun way to explore books and learn new skills. Thousands of messages and interactions have been recorded to communicate with the child.

MagiBook Book Library:

More than 700 activities can be found through the entire library of MagiBook books sold separately. Complete your collection to watch your child grow throughout their learning thanks to this interactive book platform!

Scalable: the library of interactive game books is organized by age groups to grow with your child: 2/5 years, 3/6 years and 5 years and +.
In each book, find more than 40 activities and thousands of interactions!
Connection: requires a PC and internet connection to register on the Explora Park online platform and install the audio content of each book (free)
While playing, your child learns key skills such as reading, writing, numbers, arithmetic, science and also learns about the world around them. In this interactive book platform , a reassuring and soft voice, endearing characters, funny sounds and pretty songs accompany him in his discoveries!

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