Lexibook SCR8FR – Electronic Dictionary

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The essential ally for refereeing Scrabble games! With a completely new ergonomic format with large keys for optimal user comfort

More than 400,000 words and inflected forms as well as the definition of difficult, unusual or specialized words in accordance with the official list of all the words authorized by the Fédération Internationale du Scrabble Francophone

A practical, discreet and light format, to take it everywhere with you !

Large display for easy readability, with adjustable contrast and font size to suit any environment

Access a database listing all the words admitted to Scrabble and enriched for the 8th edition with 1,500 new words

Expand your playing possibilities thanks to the many regionalisms and words of the Francophonie (Africa, Belgium, Canada / Quebec, Luxembourg, Switzerland), as well as to the concise definitions of difficult, unusual or specialized words.

Optimize your game by forming and placing your words using the keys specially provided for this purpose: “FORM” and “PLACE”. Be sure of the words played by checking their spelling thanks to spelling and phonetic correction

Maximize your scores thanks to the respect of face values and the possible entry of multiplier boxes

Product type: Educational Toys

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