Brita On Tap Water Filter System – Ūdens filtrēšanas sistēma

Produkta kods: 451833792-1
EAN kods: 1001360
  • Brita On Tap Water Filter System – Ūdens filtrēšanas sistēma
  • Easy installation onto your existing kitchen tap
  • Digital display shows remaining filter capacity
  • Practical shower function for washing food and veggies
  • Filters instantly when you turn on your tap
  • Fast filtration with a flow rate of 1.6 l/min
  • Long-life filter lasting for 600 litres of filtered water
  • LCD display shows count-down of remaining litres until cartridge exchange
  • Imagine. Turning on your tap. And filtering water at the same time. You like the idea? BRITA On Tap water filter is a faucet mount filter easy to install and low-maintenance. Learn more about its convenient features like three different water functions – fitting perfectly to all your kitchen needs.
  • Powerful filtration thanks to hollow fibre membrane, granulated activated carbon and ion exchange fibre
  • The system reduces – as far as contained in tap water:
    • chlorine and other taste and odour impairing substances
    • metals (such as lead)
    • particles >0,5 µm (such as micro plastics)
    • 99,99% of bacteria
    • pesticides and herbicides
    • hormones and pharmaceutical residues
  • Preserves minerals such as calcium and magnesium
  • German Brand!
  • Komplektā neietilpst 1 gab. Brita ūdens filtrs / kārtridžs!




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