Drainastim Pro – Medic Foot Massager Machine – Circulation Booster- Masāžas ierīce asinsrites stimulācijai

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Benefits of Drainastim Pro :

  • Reduces leg swelling
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Reactives circulation
  • Reduces water retention
  • Stops pain
  • Combats varicose veins
  • Prevents cramps
  • Removes restless legs syndrome

Drainastim Pro® naturally stimulates the mechanical action of your muscles on the veins in your lower legs . 

With age, your muscles lose tonicity and even walking for hours may not do much… Especially your calves, which are almost the only part of the body that grow thinner as you grow older. Unfortunately, this is not good news for your circulation…
With its electrical muscle stimulation system, Drainastim Pro® will tone these lower leg muscles very quickly. Due to the electrical impulses, your muscles contract which in turn causes your veins to contract and your blood is pumped upwards again.
That’s why your legs seem so light after a session of Drainastim Pro®!

Activates venous return

Blood first travels down your legs and then must return up them. For this to happen, you use a genuine “second heart” formed by the muscles in your calves, a kind of venous pump that enables blood to travel up from your lower legs to your heart.

Drainastim Pro will reactivate this pump with the help of its 25 electrical muscle stimulation programmes. The “second heart” in your calf will work thoroughly throughout your session as well as hours later.
Blood is constantly running through your veins, rising and descending, aided by the contraction of your calf muscles. When your blood pressure drops with age, it makes it harder for the blood to travel back up, hence the need to reactivate your venous return as soon as possible.

Tones the capillaries in your valves

When your veins are overstretched or constricted, and the valves are worn out, blood no longer flows back to the heart properly which is why you experience pain and other symptoms.

Drainastim Pro incorporates capillary toning waves into its programmes. Thus, your venous walls are toned and the valves in them help to resume their role as hermetic valves in order helping you to prevent venous stasis, the cause of swelling and pain
Toning valve capillaries is extremely important for blood to circulate well, preventing stagnation or the slow-down of the circulation that occurs with age. With Drainastim Pro, you help the valves return to their proper function protecting you from all circulatory problems.

Strengthens lower leg muscles

The venous pump in the muscles of your calves no longer promotes blood oxygenation and good venous tissue tone. Because with age our muscles lose tonicity. Your calves are affected by ageing, and they are one of the areas of the body that quickly thin with age.

Drainastim Pro with its electrical muscle stimulation system will develop and tone these lower leg muscles. So you can reactivate the venous pump in your calf the same way you would by walking for hours.
Your calf muscles play a leading role in venous return. Thus they must be stimulated to avoid losing their tonicity. They will then reinvigorate the venous pump, which in turn restores good blood circulation.
Komplektā ietilpst ierīce , lietošanas instrukcija (angļu valodā) , tālvadības pults , elektrodi , strāvas kabelis
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