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Produkta kods: LPNHR000838863
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The very first tablet invites even the youngest to imitate the world of the big ones. The display is very easy to use and fascinates thanks to its many light and sound effects. Animal noises, short sentences and funny rhymes can be discovered, and musicality is also promoted. The tablet can even turn into various musical instruments! Many functions and levels of difficulty guarantee long-lasting fun.

The first three years of a toddler’s life are incredibly exciting and full of unique moments: the first smile, the first word, the first step. Every day the little ones discover their environment with all their senses and learn new skills. ministeps supports this development step by step and offers parents the necessary orientation to support their child in a loving way. Our high-quality books and toys accompany the little ones in all development phases. All materials are harmless in every respect and are regularly checked for quality and safety. In this way, ministeps offers confidence and joy on a shared journey of discovery through the world of books and games.

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