Repsol 543050 Long Life 50700/50400 5W30 – Motoreļļa 5 L

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  • Synthetic lubricating oil developed to meet the requirements of the most modern petrol and diesel engines of the VW-Audi-Seat-Skoda group
  • Its properties as a long-life lubricant (Long Life) favor the reduction of fuel and lubricant consumption, and consequently that of polluting emissions.
  • It is the synthetic lubricating oil that Repsol has developed to meet the requirements of the most modern gasoline and diesel engines of the VW-Audi-Seat-Skoda group, by satisfying the new VW 50 700/504 00 specifications , in which, between others require a long oil change period.
  • The results obtained in the standard VW test with the DPF particle filter ensure the compatibility of the oil with this exhaust gas aftertreatment system, avoiding the increase in fuel consumption and the loss of engine performance caused by accumulation. ash in the filter.
  • Long-lasting product, which can significantly extend oil change intervals up to 50,000 km according to the vehicle manufacturer’s prescription.



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